Peeping ‘n’ Wishing…

Why do we write when you're not sure who will read? How do you keep the recesses of the soul from spilling out on blank white pages X-raying your pain, your doubt, your fears? How do you know not to keep looking over your shoulder And be true to yourself, 'without guile' The traps of... Continue Reading →

Dare to Dream (6)

Living in the Present  After days of walking in the relentless heat, with little to eat and even less to drink, they got to Egypt. Collapsing from exhaustion, he watched, only half-conscious as they priced and examined him like a mere animal. They poked him, turned him round, touched and felt his body. Then someone... Continue Reading →


When Dreams make No Sense! Ken loved sports and was a strong runner, one of the best in his state. He always came out among the first three in every major competition he had participated in and he had been tipped for a scholarship by his club. Once he was through school, he knew he... Continue Reading →


When dreams make no sense...  Has life dealt you a cruel blow? Have you been jolted from your star-studded dreams to wake up to a world completely different from what you envisioned? People turned out to be not as kind as you thought. Everything changed and now with each new day, you watch your dream... Continue Reading →


The Dreamer   Certainty… Coming from a background of wealth, affluence and comfort, he had never tasted failure or lack. His every whim was granted. His father ensured that. The favorite of fourteen children, he had a promising future. He was the ‘chosen’ one, his father’s P.A. and right hand man; the one who accompanied... Continue Reading →


We were different from the pack in our locality. They called us proud and strange - and it hurt. Sometimes we tried to mingle and be like others, but inside, we knew we were different. Your heart rose and soared above your surroundings. Gradually, new resolves were formed. A plan was hatching. Others could see... Continue Reading →

Dare to Dream

Hello friends! It has been a while since I did a blog post. No point blaming it on anything. Been in hibernation, sort of... but here I am again! In just a few days, 2017 will be over. We all have stories to tell of how the year went: the ups and downs, the uncertainties,... Continue Reading →

Keeping the Wells Open

Can a well dry up? Not as long as its source is still flowing and it's still connected to it. As long as a river keeps flowing, it remains healthy. Keep using what you have, don't hoard it. That is how you get more. It grows, increases in quantity, depth and quality. It's purer and... Continue Reading →

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